GOODS & AUTOMOBILE ELEVATOR SOLUTION: KÖHLER goods elevators are ideal solutions in industrial, parking buildings and related segments and it is designed to handle from lightweight cargoes to heavy [...]


DescriptionSpecificationsApplicable Usage ADLER CLASS HIGH SPEED ELEVATOR FOR HIGH RISE BUILDINGS KÖHLER, ADLER class elevators is designed for high rise building, offering a unique combination of intelligence, speed, ride comfort, reliability, [...]

SMR 1000

DescriptionSpecificationsApplicable Usage MACHINE ROOM WITH THE SIZE OF ELEVATOR SHAFT In order to reduce space, KÖHLER have developed SMR 1000, a new series of high performance elevator with compact and small [...]

MRL 1100

DescriptionSpecificationsApplicable Usage NO MORE MACHINE ROOM AND MORE SPACE SAVING KÖHLER latest Machine room less Elevator technology “MRL 1100” is suitable and designed for mid rise building ,It brings overwhelming advantage, [...]