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With Köhler Luxury beyond Expectation!

With an extensive exposure of vertical transportation, our team has decided to come up with a subsidiary company of Köhler Elevator GmbH in 2018, get our company registered in Pakistan as Kohler Elevator Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, and now sustained in the market with our reputable clients whom we served so far with our new installations and O&M agreements.

We at Kohler Elevator Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd striving to deliver you luxurious rides with our Köhler Elevators, a German Elevator Brand for which we are working as subsidiary agent.

Our principal Köhler Elevator GmbH (www.kohlerelevator.com) is German manufacturer of Elevators and also having complete manufacturing facility in China too.

Withstanding Köhler Elevator GMBH into the business of Vertical Transportation we are providing vast range of luxurious Elevators, Escalators walkways and Passenger conveyors, highly special ordered and custom-made design for our clients around the globe.

Our prodigious team having international & local experience in the industry of vertical transportation we are poised to serve our clients with end to end services from the acquiring of Kohler elevators, installation, testing and commissioning along with standard servicing and maintenance.

Our international team has set up flexible planning for our customers all around the world and driven by a market need for custom-tailored elevator packages, KÖHLER Elevator Solutions provides flexible elevator designs that will fit to into a wide range of hoist ways with machine room less or overhead traction elevators.

We at KOHLER play’s an active role in the world markets with its assertive global business policy. We sat a standard of excellence, yet drive for continuous improvement as we respond to the dynamic of the local marketplaces around the world.